CV (Curriculum Vitae) cont'd.

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My stations at Swissair /Atraxis, EDS and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services in chronological sequence:

VRCA - Videotex
VREA - IS Projects
VECA - IS Projects Telematic Services
VEKA - IS Projects Telematic Services (Reorganization)
COMV - IS Projects Telematic Services (Reorganization)

CSCI - Internet & Telematic Services (Reorganization)

COKS - Connexis Operation & Support

SLP - Sales IT Projects
SOP - Sales IT Projects (Reorganization)
SOQ - Qualiflyer Group Sales IT Systems Integration

CTN - Projects New Technologies
CTA - Projects Architectures & Standards
CMA - Key Account Management
CMEB - Key Account Management (Reorganization)

CMB - Client Delivery Management (Atraxis -> EDS)
BPS- Service Excellence Manager
EMEA North & Central Hub: Quality and Service Manager

(Same function)

Service Manager at HP (Hewlett Packard), ITO Account Delivery Management Switzerland

ITO Account Delivery Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ITO Account Delivery Management Switzerland

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