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Back to the roots

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I'm grateful to find back to the Christian Roots of faith! I called it Hebrew Roots of faith until recently! As I don't want to confuse the reader, let me add this:
The Christian Roots of faith lead back to the God of Israel, who is also called Yahweh or YHWH (respectfully called HaShem by the Jews).
Please note that I am not infallible. I'm in a huge process of getting to know my God and His son, my Savior (Yeshua or 'Jesus') from a new and fresh side.
As I'm unlearning and re-learning, this page may be frequently updated.

There seems to be a fight among "Hebrew Roots Movement" advocates and Christians. I'm not deep enough into the details, but all I want to avoid is separation or even war! It's is my strong persuasion that Christians need to go back to the roots of Christianity, which is Israel. Or in other words: Christians serve the God of Israel. I call Him YHWH on this page. His son Jesus, let me call him by his original Hebrew name Yeshua, has the same God as I have: YHWH. Yeshua was a man and a Jew. He walked and served in Israel, in the Jewish/Hebraic land. Mainstream Christianity claims that the heart of the Bible, YHWH's instructions (known by many as "Law"), the Torah, has been done away with - nailed to the cross with Jesus' death. I don't believe this anymore. I believe that God has given His Torah, the very core of the Old(er) Testament, the Tanakh, for Jews and Gentiles. Unfortunately I can feel very little of God's Ruach (His spirit) in many Christians' lives, who claim to have His law in their heart. Many simply claim to have love for the other, no need for Torah. But they ignore how YHWH and his son Yeshua define love. I understand that Yeshua is not the "end of the Law" but the "end of the Law for righteousness" (Rom.10:4, KJV)! I.e. the Torah is still valid for all of us! Please read Psalm 119! The good news is that Yeshua is (our) my righteousness. He died for my  (our) sins on the cross!
I believe that the Catholic as well as the Protestant Church have more or less totally disconnected from these Jewish/Hebrew roots of faith and substituted it with Greek/Roman and pagan traditions. This is called "Replacement Theology". (Please check out my Blog for more.) It's time to come back to the true Christian roots of faith, or call it Hebrew Roots of faith, if you will.

Some recommended websites for truth seekers:

- Restoration Fellowship (Sir Anthony Buzzard): (<-go to "Books" on this page) / (YouTube Channel:
- Torah of Messiah:
- Circumcised Heart:
- Chut HaM'shulash (NTCF):

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